Professional Affiliations

The South African Body Stress Release Association is a member of COCHASA, the Confederation of Complementary Health Associations of South Africa. It holds a three day annual conference which is attended by practitioners from all over the world.

The Body Stress Release Association (UK) is a member of the B.C.M.A., the British Complementary Medicine Association, and is recognised by the Guild of Complementary Practitioners. Regular workshops and an annual AGM are held in the UK.

The Body Stress Release Associatie Nederland is recognised by a number of Dutch health insurance companies and has a close relationship with both the South African Body Stress Release Association and the Body Stress Release Association (UK). It represents practitioners based in the Netherlands (including CuraƧao and Bonaire).

The BSR Associations in different countries oversee the practice of Body Stress Release and provide continuing educational workshops in their countries. All certified BSR practitioners are members of these Associations and are governed by their constitutions. This ensures that professional levels of practice are maintained with defined standards of conduct, practice and ethics and disciplinary powers vesting with these Associations.

A newsletter for practitioners is produced three times a year which provides a forum for practitioners internationally to exchange information and ideas.

At present Body Stress Release is practiced in numerous countries around the world including South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Curacao, Canada and the U.S.A. The Executive Committee of the International Association oversees the various national associations.