A message from Gail Meggersee

“As one of the two co-founders of Body Stress Release, I have been training practitioners for the past 25 years at the BSR Academy in South Africa. The students, from 17 different countries, have represented a wide variety of backgrounds and ages. I appreciate the commitment they have shown in giving up successful positions in a wide range of careers in order to pursue a new career in Body Stress Release. It is a profoundly fulfilling experience for me, guiding the development of the students’ skill and knowledge, as well as seeing them undergoing a process of personal growth. My greatest satisfaction is in knowing that, as practitioners, they will make a powerful contribution to the upgrading of their clients’ health and well-being."

"The opening of the Body Stress Release Academy Europe will fulfil a clear need for the training of more practitioners, as each year the South African Academy receives far more applications than it can accommodate. This will enable Body Stress Release health care to be available to more people, in more countries.”

Gail Meggersee (Bachelor of Arts, University Education Diploma, Doctor of Chiropractic).