October 2015:
An exciting new career


The BSRA (UK) is delighted to welcome two new practitioners who recently graduated from the Body Stress Release Academy in South Africa.


Külli Olonen-Gomez, who will be practising both in Rye and Hastings, said of her journey to becoming a Body Stress Release practitioner “I worked as a special education needs teacher, teaching non-verbal children with autistic spectrum disorders for more than 10 years. After I moved to Rye eight years ago I wanted to discover myself. I always wanted to do more, to help more people. I respect profoundly the body's inherent self-healing abilities and finally I found my passion, I wished to become a Body Stress Release practitioner.


An incredibly rewarding journey

Studying Body Stress Release was wonderful! It was very exciting, it was a hard but incredibly rewarding journey to become a Body Stress Release practitioner. It is difficult to grasp the magnitude of what I have learnt in the past five months. It was fascinating to hear case studies and what can happen when locked in tension is released. It is particularly heart-warming for me to know it has helped children with cerebral palsy, with ADHD and many, many others with a variety of symptoms.”

The positive effects of Body Stress Release

Mary-Clare Blackburn, who will be practising in South East and South West London said “After personally experiencing the dramatically positive effects of Body Stress Release over the past years I felt compelled to train in South Africa to learn more about the technique and gain a greater understanding of the process. I have spent the past five months in South Africa where I gained a wealth of knowledge, experience and healing whilst training to be a Body Stress Release practitioner. Having the first-hand experience of witnessing how Body Stress Release has changed people’s lives I feel honoured and grateful to have been trained by some great teachers and am very excited to begin my own practise.

The continued growth of BSR in the UK

Paul Masureik of BSRA (UK) said “We are delighted to see the number of practitioners in the UK continuing to grow. Having trained five new practitioners at the European Academy in Dorchester earlier this year it is really exciting to see another two practitioners join the Association, this time from the Academy in South Africa. I very much look forward to seeing the continued growth of Body Stress Release in the UK".


For their full details and those of other practitioners in the UK visit our Practitioners page. The course at the Body Stress Release Academy Europe will commence on the 1st November 2015. For further details click here.


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