March 2015:
Five new practitioners welcomed to the UK BSR Association


The BSRA (UK) is delighted to welcome five new practitioners who recently graduated from the first course held at the Body Stress Release Academy Europe based in Dorchester.


Tracy Highton, Chair of the BSRA (UK) and one of the six tutors at the Body Stress Release Academy Europe said “It is fantastic that the new Academy is helping us to achieve our aim of increasing the number of practitioners in the UK. BSR is an incredibly powerful technique that has already helped thousands of clients here in the UK and around the world. We aim to have continued growth in the UK, expanding into areas where we have either very few practitioners, or none at all, such as the Midlands and the North of England, Scotland and Wales. I am thrilled to welcome the new practitioners to the Association and look forward to seeing the continued growth of BSR in the UK.”


A new career

When asked about how it felt to be setting out on his new career, Rob Petherick, one of the newly qualified practitioners said “I am very excited to be opening a new Body Stress Release practice in Brighton and Hove. I have benefited from this amazing technique for a number of years, and previously travelled an hour each way to visit my practitioner who helped to relieve tension in my back, neck and shoulders. I was inspired to meet other practitioners with so many stories about how Body Stress Release has helped different people experiencing a wide range of symptoms, so I am delighted to start a new practice and bring the technique to my home town. I am confident there is going to be a lot of demand, I only graduated last week and have already got bookings!”

New practitioners

The four other new practitioners are - Deona du Plessis who will be practising at Neals Yard in Covent Garden from April 2015 and is also planning to work in Chiswick as well as opening a third practice in Sevenoaks, Kent in the longer term; Sarah Hudson who will be practising in Abingdon, Oxfordshire; Lee Ransom who will be practising in Rye, East Sussex; and Zoe Volanthen who will be practising in Southampton and Romsey. Zoe said “Having completed the BSR course and observed the astounding results that BSR had on clients during our apprenticeship, I am very excited to start my own practice in Southampton and enjoy such a rewarding career.”


For their full details and those of other practitioners in the UK visit our Practitioners page. The course at the Body Stress Release Academy Europe will commence on the 1st November 2015. For further details click here.


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