May 2014:
Body Stress Release gave me
my active lifestyle back!


I have suffered with back pain on and off for years that I put down to wear and tear from riding my horses. In March 2010 I suffered a prolapsed disc, which gradually got worse and left me unable to walk, drive, or work due to terrible sciatic pain. I had a discectomy and decompression in June of 2010 and was practically pain free until the end of 2011. I started to get back pain again and it got worse and worse.


By 2012 I was struggling with very painful sciatic pain from my hip down to my toes on my right side. I had to give up work; I was unable to drive and was petrified I would have to had surgery again. I wasn’t able to look after my horses or have a social life and was very miserable. The specialist told me surgery again wasn’t ideal and I was prescribed different medication. The medication did nothing to ease the pain, and an epidural injection weeks later also had no effect. In June 2012 a friend recommended a Body Stress Release practitioner to me and explained to me a little about it. I shuffled and limped into my first session. I was initially very dubious - however, I’m sure I walked out better than I had walked in. I continued to feel a gradual improvement during my weekly visits. Over time my pain started to ease and by September 2012 I was driving and about to start a new job.

Today I am generally pain free... amazed and so grateful. I have my active lifestyle back. I regularly ride my horse and back step with my driving ponies. In September 2013 I got married and spent the whole evening on the dance floor! My back deals with the stresses and strains of life differently now and if I over do it I just slow down and take it easy for a day or two and my back is able to recover. I’ve also noticed I no longer get regular headaches or stomach upsets. I still see my practitioner every three weeks to keep me feeling great. Body Stress Release has enabled me to do all the things I love and thought I would never be able to do again.

Amelia, Surrey


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