February 2014:
Body Stress Release and me!


I watched as my future daughter-in-law went from having crippling back pain, with the prospect of surgery, to being supple with no need for an operation, all thanks to Body Stress Release and regular appointments with a practitioner. It was she who recommended I go and try Body Stress Release but I wasn’t sure as mine was such a different problem.


Eighteen months ago I started to have panic attacks. I could be shopping, in a restaurant, or just out walking. I stopped going out anywhere on my own as I felt so vulnerable. I was nervous and worried about everything and everyone and I couldn’t understand what was happening and felt frustrated as I was normally such a positive person.

So it was that a quivering wreck was taken by her husband for her first session of Body Stress Release. My practitioner asked me to tell her what had been happening in my life. I told her that we had just moved but it had taken us seven months to sell our house where we had lived for 27 years. There were major problems where I worked which resulted in me retiring earlier than planned and then my daughter was made redundant from a job she loved as the company she worked for went into liquidation.

My practitioner explained how Body Stress Release worked and it made sense to me. By the end of my first time with her I was sobbing and shaking and yet I felt that here was someone who could help me. There were times when I just didn’t feel well enough to go for my appointment but my practitioner would talk to me and encourage me to attend as soon as I felt able to, explaining that it was times like this that she really needed to work on my body as I would then feel better, and she was always right.

It wasn’t long before I started to feel less nervous and as I approached day to day things I felt my confidence returning. I first saw my practitioner a year ago and although my first appointments were close together I see her less often now. Thanks to Body Stress Release I have got my life back.

Because I know Body Stress Release works and can help so many people I want to shout it from the rooftops!!
Vivienne, Surrey


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Vivienne with her daughter Claire who also has regular BSR sessions