November 2013:
My Body Stress Release story
by Bill Buckley, Broadcaster and Journalist


Twenty years ago, I bought a new house. The back garden was overgrown, and I set about weeding all 150 sq ft of it by hand. The most comfortable and efficient way of executing this daunting task was, I discovered, to lie on my side, propped up on my left elbow, in the style of a Roman emperor munching grapes whilst reclining on his chaise longue, and pull up the nettles and dandelions with my right hand.


Of course, putting constant pressure on my left elbow made it start to ache. I tried swapping over, leaning on the right elbow and weeding left-handed but, being a right-hander, it just didn’t work.

I ended up with an immaculate back garden and a nasty case of tennis elbow. For the next ten years, I endured a constant dull ache, plus moments of excruciating agony whenever anyone touched my left elbow or it so much as lightly brushed against a doorframe.

At least once a year, I would visit my GP for a steroid injection. This alleviated the symptoms but didn't solve the problem: after a few months, the effects would wear off and I would be back, requesting another jab.

The doctor always expressed concern at the amount of steroids entering my body, but seemed unable to suggest an alternative until one day, he came up with a bold solution. He injected my arm with anaesthetic and told me to return to the waiting room and sit there until the end of surgery.

By that time, my arm was numb from shoulder to wrist. He produced the biggest syringe I have ever seen. It immediately brought to mind those enormous water pistols kids play with these days because my stepson had one at the time. Attached was a mighty needle of exceptional diameter. The doc then administered the mother of all steroid shots. This, he explained, would nuke the wretched tennis elbow once and for all.

And the result? This time, the pain went away for 15 months instead of 12, after which, I was back where I started.

I am a radio presenter and, at that time, my show contained a weekly health feature. We covered everything from the most mainstream and conventional to the frankly wacky and unproven. We might hear wise words from an antenatal specialist about healthy eating during pregnancy one week, and highly debatable words about imbuing stones with positive energy the next.

One week, Paul Masureik came on to talk about Body Stress Release. He seemed to be suggesting that a few tweaks of an arm or gentle prods of a leg could relieve the symptoms of anything from arthritis to asthma, insomnia to irritable bowel syndrome, bedwetting to bad posture. I was convinced we were back with the energised stones in quack land. And when Paul added that everyone, from babies to octogenarians, could benefit from Body Stress Release, I could barely contain my derision.

“What about tennis elbow, can you fix that?” I asked, rather flippantly. Paul said it was entirely possible. On the spur of the moment and live on-air, I asked if he would work on me. I would then report back to my listeners. I didn’t believe a word of it but what did I have to lose?

To my utter astonishment, my arm was 80% better within a few minutes of completing my first session with Paul. And, a few sessions down the line, it was completely cured. And I do mean completely; ever since, I have been able to prod or bang my elbow as hard as I would any other part of my body without the slightest pain.

Similarly, ten years on, the dull throb is but a memory. I simply cannot express my delight at not having to choose between regularly having foreign substances pumped into my body and putting up with chronic pain.

Up until I moved I still visited Paul for a maintenance session every three months, just to be on the safe side. Six years ago, I needed his help with a different problem...

One night, I went to bed with a slight back ache. This was unusual but I thought nothing of it. When I awoke, I could barely move. I somehow managed to inch my way to the edge of the bed and drop onto the floor. It then took me half an hour to devise a way of standing up. The pain was constant and utterly miserable. I could find no comfortable position in which to lie or sit, and my walk was the slow, stiff shuffle of a 100-year-old.

Somehow, I got myself on a train to Paul. Sure enough, within a few sessions, I was 98% better, and remain so to this day. Only the very occasional slight twinge reminds me that I was horribly incapacitated until Paul laid his magic hands on me.

Well, that’s my story.

If Body Stress Release can work so spectacularly – twice! – for a cynical old journalist like me, I’m sure it will do wonders for you and I am delighted to hear that the first ever European Body Stress Release course is due to commence in November 2014 in Dorset so there will be more practitioners out there to help those in pain or suffering from stress.

Visit the following pages to find out more about the new European Academy or to locate your nearest practitioner, or for more information please contact Paul Masureik on 01276 475651.


Bill Buckley,
Broadcaster and Journalist

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