September 2013:
24 newly qualified BSR practitioners!


The Body Stress Release Associations around the world are delighted to welcome 24 newly qualified graduates into their membership.


Gail Meggersee, one of the founders of Body Stress Release and a tutor at the SA Academy, reflected on this year’s course.

“Five months of concentrated study culminated in a joyful celebration on 28th September, when 24 new BSR practitioners were launched into the world at the graduation ceremony. They represent five different countries, with ten from South Africa, ten from Holland, two from Germany, one from Belgium and one from Australia. Four of the men have partners who are already BSR practitioners.

The high level of commitment of the graduates is demonstrated by their courage to give up their careers, leave home and family, and, in the case of most of those from overseas, to embark on a course of study in a foreign language.

In the three week apprenticeship, each student was required to recruit five members of the public, who paid a reduced fee to have three sessions of BSR care. It was gratifying for me and my fellow trainer, Boetie Toerien, to observe how the students’ skills and confidence grew over this period, and their professionalism in dealing with their clients. Profound changes were experienced by clients – relief from long-term headaches, leg pain, lower back, neck and shoulder problems. One client spoke of a great sense of “letting go” after the first consultation, and another expressed a feeling of being uplifted. There was not sufficient space to accommodate all the requests from the public to be included in the program.

The course was not all hard work. The students bonded over a variety of leisure activities, including visits to animal parks, hiking, canoeing, swimming, tennis and paragliding. They have left here with the bonus of having made life-long friendships.

What is it that brings students to enrol in the BSR practitioner training course? They come to the Academy with a vision – of a career that is meaningful, a daily life that is focused on helping others to have a better life expression, physically and emotionally. The BSR Academy also has a vision – of assisting society to a happier and healthier future through its graduates.

We wish the new practitioners happiness and success in their practices.”

Tracy Highton, Chair of the UK Association and one of the tutors at the newly launched Academy in Europe said “It is so wonderful to see the number of practitioners around the world increasing each year. I am incredibly excited about the first course in Europe, commencing in November 2014, and cannot wait to see the graduation of the first class of newly qualified practitioners, hopefully with a number of new practitioners in the UK amongst them.”

Gail Meggersee
BSR Academy.

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