July 2020:
It's business as (un)usual!
“The greater the storm, the bigger the rainbow.” Hello!


Good news at long last!


After what feels like the longest time ever, most of our practitioners are back at work now. And very happy they are too. We have missed you! And we know that some of you have really missed your regular Body Stress Release sessions. If you are aching (maybe literally to see your practitioner, do get in touch. They will be over the moon to see you! Here’s where you can find your nearest one if you’ve not had BSR before


There’s no time like now!

Many of us went into lockdown with such a range of emotions that continued to ebb and flow in the weeks that followed. A Corona-coaster for sure. Some of us baked bread (or just ate!) like there was no tomorrow (and certainly ‘tomorrow’ felt like yesterday, which in turn felt like every other day), and some of us took up new hobbies or rediscovered old ones. And some of us lost work, self-esteem and even loved ones. Undeniably hard times. There’s no right or wrong way to feel about what we’ve collectively experienced.

But the storm is passing and it’s time to reintroduce the little bits of normal back into our lives. Whatever you’ve been up to while staying safe at home, it’s time for some TLC. The beauty of Body Stress Release is that it’s non-invasive, gentle and according to our clients verrrrrry relaxing. Your practitioner will help unlock emotional or physical tension that could be undermining your nervous system and getting in the way of your optimum health. And now, more than ever, our health really matters. So, however you’ve been affected, we’re here to help you get back on track.


Safety comes first

We are doing everything to keep you safe, and taking all the necessary precautions. Here's how your BSR session might look:


Before your appointment, your practitioner will ask you to confirm that you and any members of your household are symptom free. Some might take your temperature upon arrival.

Some practitioners might ask for payment over the phone / internet beforehand.

There will be plenty of hand-sanitiser for you to use before and after the session.

Your practitioner will be wearing a mask while you are in the room. Please bring a mask with you, which you will need to wear unless your practitioner is working on your back.

Your practitioner will space out appointments so there is plenty of time to clean the room between clients. This will involve sanitising the hi-lo bed and any other furniture used.

You may be asked to take your shoes off before you enter any practice room. Feel free to bring a pair of indoor shoes or slippers if that would make your session more comfortable!

If your practitioner works in a larger practice, there might not be a loo for you to use...so check with them beforehand so you’re not caught short!

If your practitioner has their own outdoor space (and if the weather allows!), your session might be al fresco!


The BSR map is expanding!

In March of this year, a new cohort of skilled practitioners graduated from our training academy in Dorset. What extraordinary timing this was - we were only days before lockdown. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the three new practitioners joining our growing tribe in Edinburgh, Oxfordshire and West Sussex - it won’t be long now!

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