October 2013:
A student’s perspective


“After working in corporate catering for 24 years, I felt I needed to work with people on another, nurturing level and Body Stress Release resonated with me for that. And BSR had helped me to heal from blind spotting head aches that had impaired my ability to drive and to work, so I knew it had value and merit."


"Leaving home for a few months has been a growth experience for me, I have been married for 21 years, no children, so was not sure I would cope with out my soul mate, however we both did well and now appreciate fully what each of us does and brings to the relationship."

"BSR is taught in a very practical, logical way. Learning how effective it is has been life changing. Its gentleness has great effect and its simplicity is what makes it so awe-inspiring."

"The social aspect of doing the course is amazing, we had a varied group that had a wide range of interests , and while we did not do everything together all the time, we all got to do the things we were really interested in with like minded people. The beauty and tranquility of the west coast cannot be beaten."

"The nature walks were some of the best, the Canopy tour in Tsitsikama and the power van trip up the Outeniqua pass were my highlights. I sadly missed out on the paragliding. Yes living in this part of the world to complete the course is what made it so unique for me and such a success… as everyone is committed to being there to focus on the curriculum, and still have fun, which is essential too!"

"I have gone from a very stressful 12 hour day, managing teams of chefs to feed 8000 people, which caused me daily stress overload, to learning that I have the ability to leave that all behind, To trust in myself and my new skills to succeed and to grow even at this stage of my life. And to be independent and to be totally reliant on me to have a successful practice… it is all up to me now… and that is exciting and motivating, and as the clients line up it will be the most rewarding thing I have ever done."

Michelle Lottering
Gauteng South Africa.

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