What happens at an appointment?

Your practitioner will book three initial appointments for you over a period of two weeks. Each appointment will last approximately 30-45 minutes although the first appointment may be longer. It is important that you attend all three appointments as Body Stress Release works as a process and some clients can experience increased sensitivity, especially after the first release.

During your first appointment your practitioner will give you an explanation of Body Stress Release and then take a detailed case history.

Then, while you are lying down, fully clothed, on a uniquely designed couch, your BSR practitioner will test your body for stored tension, or body stress, by using a series of gentle tests along your spine and other areas of your body as necessary. In this way your body is used as a bio-feedback mechanism and its responses will indicate the exact sites of body stress. Your practitioner then applies a precise pressure to the affected areas to encourage your body to ‘release’ the tension, thereby restoring communication and its natural self-healing abilities.

After the release your practitioner will explain what they have found and give you some advice on posture and show you some simple self-help techniques.

Responses are often rapid although you may need further appointments depending on how your body responds and how long the tension has been stored. This is because the tight, protective layers of muscle, release gradually back to their natural state.